We have large industrial washing machines to provide effective cleaning for the dirtiest of horse rugs. We do not use tumble driers as these can cause damage or shinkage. Instead, all rugs are line dried outside where weather permits, then fully aired in a heated room.

We also wash cat and dog beds, decorators dust sheets, sleeping bags, duvets and more or less anything else thats fits in our machines!


We use "wash-in" reproofers, as having tested a number on the market we found that these worked best. Whilst reproofing can never make a rug totally waterproof, a quality resin based liquid, such as the one we use, will increase water repellence.

Brushing down

Cleaning horse rugs is a "hairy" business! Rugs have to be free of hair to go into the machines otherwise they clog the filtration systems, and risk contaminating the next customer's rug. Therefore, very hairy rugs have to be brushed down by hand. There are no shortcuts. This is hard and dirty work and whilst we all take our turn at it and do it willingly, it is a service we have to charge for depending on how long it takes. Our charges are very reasonable. Of course you can brush down your own rugs before you send them to us if you prefer.


You are welcome to send in pictures of rugs that need repair for a quotation. These can be sent to our mobile number or email address.

Stable rugs can often be mended with the sewing machine. For field rugs, whilst we machine sew external patches as the waterproof membrane has already been compromised, where there are internal tears we hand sew our patches. This means we do not break the waterproof membrane, thereby ensuring that we maintain the efficacy of your rug. Also, sewing through the rug means that the lining can no longer move against the outer shell, which upsets the self righting nature of the rug design. We pride ourselves on our repairs. We employ only skilled seamstresses. If you compare our work, you will notice that we use top quality fabrics and parts. Its all sew simple!!!!!

Whilst being packed, the rugs are quality checked for cleanliness and to make sure all repairs have been done. Any Velcro is then cleaned, surcingles done up, loose hairs removed, creases smoothed out and then its on to the folding and bagging.