Frequently asked questions

Why are rugs with hoods more expensive to clean?

Being much larger, we can only fit one rug in the machine at a time, they also need greater quantities of detergent and reproofer and are heavier to handle. We therefore have to charge a slightly higher cleaning cost.

Will rugs / all-wool rugs shrink in the wash?

All our rugs are washed at 40C which follows manufacturers guidelines to ensure there is no shrinkage or colour leakage. We air dry all our rugs as they should not be tumbled dried due to the risk of shrinkage. Tumble dried rugs often remain damp, and risk going mouldy if left in their bags. Wool rugs are washed separately on a special wool cycle in cool water. This minimises the risk of shrinkage, though some may occur and some rugs may matt slightly depending on the quality of the wool.

How do I know you will not lose my rugs?

We ask for all customers to label their rugs with their name, telephone number and the service they require (wash, proof, repair). Upon collection you are issued with a collection note detailing the rugs collected, the work required and our terms and conditions which you sign. Your rugs will then be checked in as soon as we return to our site and each rug is tagged. This tag remains with the rug right through the process and is checked at key points. The tag number is written on the label of the finished packed rug and on the invoice to allow easy recognition for large orders with multiple customers.